Bible in 90 Days

As part of a church group exercise, I participated in “Plymouth Reads the Bible in 90 Days” which spanned January into April 2015.

There is much to lift up from this experience, as I was in the midst of my own discernment for ministry.  Thorough reading of the text has reminded me of long lost lessons as well as a greater understanding of the power of scripture to motivate people to something greater than oneself. It is clear that people of faith will endure much “trial and tribulation” and that faith has many rewards.

I believe that I will be able to write about the teachings of the scripture with a more understanding heart of why Jesus, Abraham, and Moses were so important to revealing and to inspiring the hope that is within each of us. The Bible is as much a reflection of humanity as it is a proclamation of God and the covenant, or as Paul calls it “the promise” in his many letters. Love, endurance, discipline, pain, anger, and humility are all revealed here.

I encourage people to take time to read, not just your favorite passages but to incorporate all parts into your reading regiments.  I have included a copy of Devotions that I wrote May 2014.